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About Us Over 98% of international trade is through sea & air transportation methods. This represents a critical factor for companies in foreign business. MRL manages (A to Z) process starting with cargo collection from your desired address up to final destination on your behalf. At MRL Logistics, we are more than just a logistics company! MRL Logistics is an international shipping company based in Istanbul, specialized in freight forwarding, logistics and warehousing services. We will be pleased to provide you with transportation services with our reasonable prices and high level of service quality. At MRL Logistics we work passionately mo provide fast and trouble-free logistics’ services with our strong team, prioritize customer satisfaction, and realixe our transportation operations with the awareness of the value of your products. With our difference, we promise more than a logistics’ company, we carry value beyond freight. MRL Logistics started a new stage of its growth by forming new partnerships in Feb. 2020 with a group of passionate enterpreneurs with a vision to exand the business and grab the opportunity of the Turkish as well as international growth.

Why MRL Logistics? As a freight forwarder, MRL will handle the complete process of organizing shpments for individuals and corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to the market, customer or final point of distribution. We will have the responsibility to manage all the details related to moving your shipments from point A to Z. Rest assured that our professional & experienced team is following the highest standards to fulfill your expectations. Strong Structure With our expert staff, we set up and manage the operation processes quickly. 24/7 Support MRL is committed to handle your concerns from the moment your transportation operation starts, we are always accessible for your cervice.

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Cargo Shipping Containers
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